10 things that did not exist the last time England faced the USA at the World Cup

The world has changed since the last time England faced USA at the World Cup.

England have won eight of their last 11 meetings with the United states of America but they have never beaten them in the World Cup which makes tonight's game a very intriguing one.

So much water has gone under the bridge since these two giants met during South Africa 2010 World Cup and the world is now a different place compared to what it was back then.

As they meet in the next two hours in Doha at the Al Bayt stadium, here are 10 things that just did not exist when a horrendous Robert Green howler gave the states a point after Steven Gerrard had given Fabio Capello’s side a dream start.

There was no working from home

These days you no longer go to work. Work comes to you. For those who do office work there was really nothing like working from home back then,  you get up and then get ready and head to work, these days all you have to do is get up and jump on your computer and straight into meetings.

There was nothing like Covid

Three years ago the world changed like never before, a virus hit the globe and put it on its knees and life changed drastically. Most people in the world have been vaccinated and are quietly hoping that they do not have long term effects.

People have now gotten used to wearing face masks which were viewed as quite alien before the pandemic. The virus has changed the world and there is no going back to what life was, at least if you believe in science and data.

Britain was still ruled by a Queen

Queen Elizabeth has just passed away but for almost a century- Britain has a King, the currency will change from her majesty to his majesty which is quite not what life was when England played the US back then. Most British people are still getting used to these changes.

People stayed out a lot, these days they stay on their phones

In the past people used to go to things when they needed something but these days all you have to do is tap your phone and it’s delivered to you at your doorstep.

Just the way you had to go to work, if you needed something you had to go out there and get it, these days. I guess we can agree that life has changed so much.

There was no Alexa

You know that little machine that Amazon has made that you can speak to and ask it to arrange a meeting for you or tell you what the weather will be like tomorrow, well that did not exist.

These days everything speaks to you in your bedroom and even your cars as tech has become the modern currency.

Millennials were kids

Back in 2010 the oldest millennial was 29- at the time of writing this copy in 2022 the oldest millennial is around 41, I guess we can't call someone who is 41 a kid. So much has changed in their lives.

Most millennials will be entering into their mid life which is quite the thing about life and time.

Twitter wasn’t the rant machine it is now

Back in 2010 Twitter wasn't the rant machine it is now and even though it did exist it was in its early years and there were doubts as to whether it reached its full potential.

Go through Twitter posts in 2010 and it was a place where you could post your food and just meet friends- but here we are today, politics and everything is seriously taking over now.

Tiktok did not exist

You know that app Tiktok where everyone is jumping on and dancing choreography, back then there was nothing like that but these days your age is defined by if you’re on TikTok or not.

Nelson Mandela was still alive

Nelson Mandela, one of the hugely respected humans to ever live passed away in December th 2013 and in as much death is inevitable to every one-he was one of the people who watched on as England and the US played out a 1-1 at the World Cup held in his country.

Facial recognition technology did not exist

You know that thing that smart phones  do where you look at your phone and it opens well that has only come into existence in 2016 and that has been a game changer.

So many people these days just can't be bothered to keep numbers, they just set their face on their computers and phones so that is the security they need. 

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